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Calm and gorgeous katia

Chihuahua's bred for people to enjoy

People come back because they know when they have found the best dog and or puppy. Most of our lines are bred for their quiet disposition and sweetness. Its not always easy to find a house trained, quiet, chihuahua with all the looks but as many people know they found it all when they found our chihuahua's. These Chihuahua's have class, table manners, and come to you trained for love.

I have 2 litters on the way

Moms are getting ready to put on the puppy pounds. They are so beautiful when they are glowing. These girls are wonderful moms and so good with their puppies. We are very excited to share this experience with someone special, maybe you who are reading this now! 

Healthy puppies

We breed healthy and happy puppies, all of our puppies are treated like family. We assure you that you will have healthy trained puppies before they go to you